Sunday, September 04, 2016

Busy Sunday

It is Sunday. Nevertheless, the alarm clock went of as early as if it was any workning day. This is fine by me, as long as the Sunday is used to go to a dog show. It was not, not today.

Paula and Daniel spent the morning cleaning. I guess this had to be done.

In the early afternoon, puppy buyers came by. I am not sure what they want. I am too old to have pups, Polly neither has, nor is expecting pups. There will be some time before Polly's daughter Soya will get her first litter. – There are the red Shiba pups of Karen, of course. They are almost two weeks old. If the puppy buyers want a red Shiba, I guess buying one of these pups is all right. I cannot see why you would not want to wait for a black and tan pup, however.

Later i. The afternoon, Daniel mowed the lawn. This also had to be done. It might be the last time this season, but you cannot just let the long grass pass.

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