Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Bottle Refunds

Hello, Karstuhl here!

If you buy a pop in a PET bottle, a part of the price is refunded when you return the bottle. In the meantime, empty PET bottles are excellent chewing toys for dogs. They are just hard enough to make for fun chewing. A chewed bottle has always been refundable. This is logical, because the bottle is pressed together and destroyed in the refund machine, anyway.

This is until lately, however.

Over the last couple of days, Paula has tried to get refund for chewed bottles in many machines, bit all the machines have refused to accept these bottles. We do not know whether this is a new policy, or if it is just machines programmed wrongly. It seems odd that the machines would not accept bottles, because they have a couple of small chewing marks, especially when the machines destry the bottles entirely anyway.

I hope it will be possible to get refunds on these bottles in the future, otherwise we may not get to chew on them.

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