Thursday, July 21, 2016

Russians Banned from Olympic Games

Russian track and field athletes will be banned from participation in the Summer Olympic Games, that starts in a few weeks. This is because Russia has had a state-sponsored doping programme.

I think it is correct to ban the athletes. Doping is cheating, and any cheating should be punished. It might be that not all athletes have cheated, but if their national team has cheated, it must reflect upon them as well. There must be severe punishments, to make sure people understand that the consequences of being caught cheating is so hard that it is not worth trying to cheat.

This is true in all competitions, I believe. If somebody would cheat in dog shows, which is where I have competed myself (not without success), I think both human and dog should be banned from participation. The dog would not cheat, but if the dog's human would cheat, it could affect the dog's show results, nevertheless.

Cheating is despicable.

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