Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kitten Survives in Washing Machine

A kitten in England was accidentally trapped in the washing machine, when his human turned it on for a 60 degrees washing cycle. Luckily, the human heard thuds from inside the machine, saw his fur colour, and hurried to get him out. The kitten was not inside the machine for more than two minutes. After veterinary care, he seems to get a full recovery.

It was fortunate that the kitten survived and did not get any injuries. Still, it is an upsetting story. I have had puppy litters in our bathroom, where we have our washing machine. Paula and Daniel has always made sure no puppy would go inside the washing machine when doing the laundry. I do not want to consider what would have happened otherwise, and idåf a puppy would have been trapped in the machine.

Perhaps it would be best not even to think about these things. After all, it is quite unlikely that a puppy would end up trapped in the washing machine, sustaining permanent injuries. I do not get puppies of my own anymore. I might be able to forget about this until I get another litter of grandchildren or great grandchildren.

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