Thursday, June 09, 2016

Upcoming Tournament

One of the greatest sport events of the year will soon begin, the UEFA Euro 2016 footbaal championship. We are looking forward to following the games on TV.

There are a lot of my favourite countries that do not participate. Japan and the USA are not members of UEFA, of course, but in the continental associations of Asia and North America, respectively. This means they cound not participate. Dad's home country Norway did not qualify. However, his father's home country Belgium participates. So does Sweden.

We all root for Sweden, of course, but if Sweden would not continue to the later games, there are other countries to root for. My Poodle friends root for France, since the Poodle breed is from France. My Affenpinscher friend root for Germany for the same reason. Tenn, Orange, and Karen root for Spain, where they have family and friends. I root for Belgium, as does my daughter Polly, for my grandfather. Javier roots for England, because he has a brother who lives there.

No matter what country will win the gold in the end, it will sure be entertaining. We are looking forward to it.

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