Monday, June 13, 2016

Lucky to Get a Tie

The Swedish football team played its first Euro 2016 game tonight, versus the team of the Republic of Ireland. The Swedes did not play well and we are thankful they were lucky enough to get a tie after scoring a rather late 1-1 goal.

Sweden did not do very well in the qualification round, reaching the tournament by being third in the qualifying group and defeating Denmark in play off games. We did not have high hopes, but we were still disappointed. The Swedes can do much better than they did tonight. The following games in the group are against stronger teams, Italy and Belgium. We watched the game where Italy won by 2-0 over Belgium. It was clear to us both of these teams are much better than the Swedish and the Irish teams. It was the game tonight that was Sweden's big chance at winning a game, but it did not happen.

Well, if Sweden does not go far, there are other teams to root for. I wrote about that last Friday.

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