Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Falling Stock Market

The stock market in London is falling, due to anxiety over the referendum next week on whether the United Kingdom should stay in or leave the EU. The anxiety is due to polls showing a growing support for leaving the EU. The stock market is not fond of great changes, as far as I have understood.

I am not an expert on these issues. It is definitely not up to me to say whether the UK should stay or go. If asked, I would just say I feel that cooperation is a good thing, and leave it at that.

I believe it would be a good thing if the Kennel Club in England would be a member of the International Kennel Federation, FCI. This is something I can say, because I have been around to dog shows hosted by local, regional, and national kennel clubs around Europe. More cooperation between the kennel clubs could make the rules and regulations more similar and easier to understand.

Well, we will have to see what the outcome of the referendum will be.

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