Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Funny Tanks

Tanks as war equipment seldom seem funny. In the invasion of Normandy in June 1944, however, specialised tanks nicknamed funnies played a huge part. Here is a story about these. It is an interesting story.

The Second World War keeps being an interesting period of human history. It was a great conflict, involving many countries. It had an evil side with the Nazis of Germany and Fascists of Italy, versus a good side with the democratic countries like Great Britain, the USA, and Canada.

It is true that Japan was on the evil side, but how much I do love Japan as the home country of my own breed, there were undisputable good outcomes of losing the war and becoming a democracy. It is interesting, however, that democratic Finland was allied to Germany 1941-45 in order to keep up its defence against the communistic dictatorship of the Soviet Union, allied to Britain and America. Finland was a good country on the evil side, while the Soviet Union was an evil country on the good side. War and international politics is ironic sometimes.

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