Sunday, May 08, 2016

More Flags Allowed

Eurovision has published a very limited list of flags allowed to be waved by spectators at the Eurovision Song Contest next week. This has caused critizism, and the rules have now been changed to allow more flags.

In the first set of rules, only flags of contest members and UN members would be allowed. Besides the national flags, it has now been decided that regional and local flags may also be flown at the contest. This will allow People who root for the British song to wave the Welsh flag for the Welsh singer performing the British song. If I were there to see the contest live, I could wave the flag of Närke or of Örebro. It would be fun to do so.

I think the new rules are good. It is more fun seeing many different flags among the watching crowd. Flags are a form of expression and allowing a lot of flags is positive for the freedom of expression that a song contest is also an example of. I salute the decision and may wave a flag in front of the TV set when watching the show.

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