Monday, May 09, 2016

Europe Day

It is the 9th of May, which is celebrated as the day of the European Union, or Europe Day. In earnest, I have not heard anything about this celebration, yet we have had radio and TV on all day. Perhaps I did not pay enough attention, but I believe I would have heard something, if anything had been said.

It seems like Swedes do not celebrate Europe Day. Many polls show there is a large minority who are in favour of Sweden leaving the Union. It seems like more people would think so, if the United Kingdom were to leave the Union after their referendum on the matter this summer. I can understand that. If a great power leaves the Union, there is less reason for a small country like Sweden to stay. Cooperation is good and I think Sweden would be better of in the Union even though the UK would leave.

The European Union has been good for dogs and dog breeding, since it has opened borders, while still making sure serious diseases are under control. If the borders and quarantine came back, it would be a bad thing. Who wants to sit in quarantine? I would not. I hope these open borders stay open for dogs.

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