Friday, May 27, 2016

A Memory that Must Stay Vivid

The President of the USA has visited Hiroshima, famous for being the target of the first (and one of only two) places ever to be hit by a nuclear weapon. The atomic bomb was dropped in 1945, killing a lot of humans and dogs. The two bombs also probably made the war come to an end faster, thus saving other lives.

This was the first ever visit of a President of the USA to Hiroshima. He said the memory of the bomb must never fade. I agree with this. Some people wondered whether the President would appologise for the bombinga, but he did not. I cannot see why he would. It was an act of war in an ongoing conflict. If you fight, you will use the means necessary. It was just a sad thing that the atomic bombs were considered necessary at the time and that they hit many civilians. Who are we, who live now, to judge what they decided back then? We must, however, keep the memori alive and vivid, to make sure we will do what we can to avoid these things to happen again.

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