Thursday, May 19, 2016

Montenegro Becomes Member of Nato

It has been agreed that Montenegro will become meber of Nato, increasing the number of members in the alliance to twentynine. The decision has to be ratified by the current members, but odds are this will pass everywhere without much question.

We have had talks about membership in Sweden as well. There is, however, far from a consensus that this would be a good idea. Sweden has avoided military alliances since the early 19th century. This way, Sweden avoided offers to join Great Britain and her allies in the Crimean War, thus avoiding the chance of liberating any parts of Finland from Russia. Sweden also avoided going to war against the most horrible threats to freedom and civilisation ever, by staying neutral in the Second World War, thus letting others do the dirty work of beating Nazi Germany. Sweden also stayed out of Nato, when this was the alliance of free, democratic countries standing against the Soviet Union communistic dictatorship in the post war decades. I guess the people who wish for Sweden to stay out of Nato are proud of this history.

Military alliances are not really a thing for a dog, like me, to have any opinion about. There are so many factors involved. I do believe, however, that Nato is an alliance for the defence of liberty and democracy. It would not be bad joining Nato, would it?

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