Tuesday, March 08, 2016

International Women's Day

Humans call this day the International Women's Day. It is aimed at the injustices between men and women, that almost invariably makes women less fortunate than men, just because they were born women. A lot has been done over the last centuries to make women equal to men. In many ways, they now are.

This is no problem among dogs. We do not need any International Bitches' Day. We have very few injustices between the dog sexes. Most injustices between the dog sexes are in favour of us bitches. We are the rulers of the dog packs, just like our wild sisters are of the wolf packs. I am proud of being a bitch. I have also never heard any dog complain about injustices coming from the fact that he was born a male.

The humans in our family are equal. This is good.

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