Saturday, March 26, 2016

Defacing Flags Is Wrong

Long time readers of my blog are probably aware of my disdain for the Peoples Republic of China. It is a country where dogs are tormented, humans oppressed by a dictatorship, and the government are provoking neighbouring countries by agressive and expansionist policies in the South China Sea. Still, I do not think defacing the flag of this country is the right way to go.

The president of the PRC will visit Prague and prominent Czech politicians next week. PRC flags hoisted in Prague for this occasion have been defaced with black paint.

Defacing a flag is a cowardly and stupid way of protesting. You may do it, if it is a flag you own yourself, in the name of freedom of speech. However, it is a stupid form of speech. It is like just saying "booh" to something you do not like, without explaining why you think so.

Besides, the people defacing the flags did not own these flags. It is, thus, damage done to the property of others. This is unlawful, regardless of any laws of freedom of speech.

If you want to protest against the PRC, I urge you to do it. The regime deserves a lot of critizism. However, you should say what the PRC regime is doing wrong and what should be done instead. Defacing flags does not do this.

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