Sunday, March 20, 2016

Formula 1

The 2016 season of the world's premier motor sport, Formula 1 car racing, started today. It was the Australian Grand Prix, so we had to get up in the early morning, Swedish time, to watch it. Daniel always make sure to watch Formula 1 races, if he can (dog shows may stop him, of course).

It was an exciting race. The Mercedes cars have been the best over the latest two seasons and were the best today too, but Ferrari looked almost as strong. German Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg won. It would be nice if the world champion of the latest two years, Lewis Hamilton, would not win. We like him, but it is more entertaining if the championship title is rewarded different drivers in different seasons.

Unfortunately, there is no Japanese driver to root for. The Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson did not do well and retired with an engine faliure.

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