Monday, November 30, 2015

No German

Hallo, Morran hier!

Hailey promised me I could write a blog entry in her blog. I wanted to use it to practice my German. I am of a German breed, Affenpinscher, so My mother taught me some basic German. Hailey would not have it, though. She said this blog is in English for as many readers as possible to enjoy. If I want to write in German, I have to start a blog of my own, she said. Well, perhaps I will. I have not decided yet. In the meantime, I write in English. I have American lines in my pedigree and Hailey has also taught me some, so it is not that hard. If you want to see a little German, I was allowed to greet the readers in German, at least. There you have it. I may be back in this blog, it was fun writing one entry.

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