Friday, November 27, 2015


On the 27th of October 2005, I wrote my very first blog entry. I forgot to mention it, when the blog was ten years old. Now the blog is ten years and one month old. Can I have a jubilee now instead?

It has been an eventful life, documented in my blog. I cannot remember everything, but the blog is a good aid for my memory. I have always had the aim to keep it daily, as is its name, but I have not managed to do this all the time. Nevertheless, I think there are a good amount of blog posts throughout the years that the blog has been in existence.

Sometimes, I wish I had more readers. My blog host provides me with statistical information on how many readers I have. The more readers there are, the more your work pays off, doesn't it? On the other hand, I do not write this blog for the purpose of reaching a lot of readers. The greater purpose is to reach the readers who are really interested in my life and my thoughts on this life of mine and the occasional news article I write about. Quality is more important than quantity, not only for what is written, but also for the readers. I like that Paula, Daniel, and their family members often read my blog. I also like that my closest dog friends read it, some of whom help me write it from time to time. I like all of my readers, but the readers who are also dear friends of me in real life have a special place in my heart.

I wish all of you will continue to read my blog. I will continue writing it for as long as I can. When I am no longer around in this life, my daughter Karstuhl will take over. Stay tuned, there are a lot of blog posts still to come!

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