Monday, November 23, 2015

Hospital on Fire

A fire raged this afternoon in one of the most prominent hospitals in Sweden. All of the patients in the main building were evacuated and all electricity went out in the whole hospital. Many patients will be transferred from this hospital, in Strömsholm, to a nearby hospital in Västerås. Other patients were allowed to go home.

You may wonder why I do not write "veterinary hospital", but just hospital. This is because I think veterinary hospitals are the general kind of hospital, with their expertise in treating patients from many different species. There are other hospitals which only treat humans. I think these have a more narrow field of expertise, hence, I call them "human hospitals". Humans do often put themselves up as the norm. It is their civilisation that has given us both kinds of hospitals, bit I still think it is best to reserve the plain word "hospital" for the more general institution that a veterinary hospital is.

I hope everything goes well for the patients.

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