Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Deep repentance and deep friendship

Japan's Prime Minister Abe is on an official visit in the USA. He talked before a joint session of the Houses of Congress, offering his "deep repentance" for Japan's role in the Second World War and the death of American soldiers. This is a sign of the deep friendship that exist between Japan and America these days.

I am glad these two great countries are friends. This is a good thing for peace and prosperity in both countries, and their combined role in the world exonomy makes this important for the whole world. Both countries are defenders of democracy, rule of law, and human rights.

For me, personally, this friendship has a personal meaning as well. I am of a Japanese dog breed, and my Mum was born and raised in the USA. This might not have happened, had Japan and the USA not been friends. I probably have this friendship to thank for my life.

Repentance for old wars has a symbolic meaning. It does not heal every old wound, but it does strengthen the friendship. This is good.

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