Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vote for Bonnie Tyler!

We were a little disappointed yesterday, when Yohio did not win the Swedish qualification round for the Eurovision Song Contest.

On the other hand, just before the final Swedish competition started last night, we heard the song which will compete for the United Kingdom this year, sung by Bonnie Tyler, Believe in Me. It is great. This means that while we have no feelings for the song which will represent Sweden, we can go all in to support the UK song.

Bonnie Tyler is, of course, the great singer behind songs like It's a Heartache and the unequalled Total Eclipse of the Heart. Her unique voice is still the same. One of the people talking about her Eurovision song yesterday night said this song was: "of course no Total Eclipse of the Heart, but it is very good". We could not agree more. It is self evident that no song can ever be better than the song which lent its name to my Mum, Ch Taichung Total Eclips of the HRT. Still, it is a great song and when it is time to vote in the Eurovision Song Contest, we know who we will vote for: Bonnie Tyler, Believe in Me.

Bonnie Tyler, we believe in you!

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