Sunday, March 03, 2013

In Two Weeks

In two weeks time, the Formula 1 season will start. Formula 1 is Daniel's favourite sport, so he watches the races whenever he can on TV. This makes for nice times, when we dogs sit with him in the sofa.

There were pre-season testing of the new cars this week, ending today. Mercedes looks good, ahead of Ferrari. As far as I can understand, you cannot put too much faith in these test results. The cars are not finished until the season starts, and there may be upgrades on them as the season goes along. Still, it does give you an indication on where the season may head. It might be a very level playfield this year. I hope so, it makes for interesting races. Not to be rude to the champion of the last three seasons, Sebastian Vettel, but I do hope somebody else will be champion this year. Not that I wish Vettel any really bad luck, such as an accident, but it would be more interesting if the top races would be others than Vettel.

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