Thursday, January 20, 2011

What? Why?

Hello, Polly here!

Mommy gets annoyed with me sometimes. She says I ask too many questions. If I try to get questions answered by some of the other grown up dogs, they just agree with Mommy.

Granny does say to Mommy that this is something any young dog does, and that Mommy asked her a lot of questions as well, when Mommy was my age. Still, this does not make Granny more eager to answer my questions. Granny says it is Mommy's main responsibility to teach and guide me in my younger years, just like Granny taught and guided Mommy. Furthermore, Granny says that she tells these things to Mommy just to get Mommy to answer my questions so she does not have to hear them herself.

Well, I do know I can be annoying sometimes, but I want to learn. When I try to learn by trial and error, the grown ups may be annoyed with me for making noise or disturbing them in other ways. If they think so, I wish they would answer my questions instead. Life is not always easy, when you are a young and curious dog.

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