Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Is Over

Hello, Polly here again!

In Sweden, Christmas is considered to be over today. I have heard that they consider other days to be the last day of Christmas in other countries, but in Sweden, it is on day 20 counted from Christmas Day. It feels a little sad to see the Christmas ornaments be tucked away, but there will be new celebrations later. In less than a year, there is another Christmas.

Granny and Mommy says that if all days were days of celebration, you might get tired of celebrating. I do not agree, I believe in non stop celebration. I think Granddad sides with me, he is always keen on eating more mackerel in tomato sauce. On the other hand, he may be old fashioned boring and say something of the kind that even though he would like to celebrate all the time, it is not feasible to do so. I believe it could be done, if we would all just agree upon it. Too bad we do not.

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