Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Wolves Killed in Sweden

Two young female wolves in Sweden have been killed by human scientists. The scientists sedated the wolves yesterday to be able to put radio transmitters on them. Today, the wolves were found drowned in a brook. They had probably still been so groggy from the sedative that they could not save themselves. What a horrible death!

I believe a wrongful death suit of some kind should be started against the scientists responsible for sedating the wolves. If you accidentally cause a wolf to die, you are required by law to report this. You are not allowed to kill wolves. These scientists should have known how strong the sedative was, when it would be safe to release the wolves back into the wilderness, and when it would be safe to stop watching over them. Any human who has a dog who has been sedated knows how important it is to watch over the dog until the sedative is out of the dog's system.

This story is all the more important, since the wolf pack of which these two wolves were members is regarded as an important pack, because it had genes which are unique in the Scandidavian wolf gene pool. Any dog breeder knows how important gene diversity is for the health of the animals.

I hope somebody press charges against the scientists in question.

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Ylva said...

Det hoppas jag också. Usch så dåligt. Det tillhör ju, som du skriver, kunskap som varje hundägare har - det borde man kunna kräva av vargforskare.