Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pancakes, but for What?

Daniel is making pancakes tonight. They are not for eating at once, though, but for lunch boxes to the upcoming week. This is strange and can even be considered mean. Strange, because why do you make such a tasty dish without wanting to eat at least some of it imediately after it is done? Mean, because there are a number of dogs smelling the pancakes, seeing Daniel making them, but who may not taste any.

Sometimes, I cannot really understand our humans. Why make food for tomorrow, when you can have it today? Is this wise? Joy and good taste is for the present, not for tomorrow, as I see it. Daniel tried to point out to me that even dogs' wild cousins, the wolves, save food for tomorrow, when they have killed big game. I agree, but this is when the wolves are fed up and cannot feel any hunger anymore, so Daniel's point is moot, if I may say so. I want pancake now, and I have room in my stomach to spare, so I should get some pancake now.

On the other hand, if I do get pancake tomorrow, this is much better than no pancake at all.

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