Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well, Today I Managed to Finish It

It was a rainy day at the dog show in Askersund today, but our results were great.

I have kept my fans on hold for a long time, denying them the joy of seeing me as the champion everyone have always said that I had the potential to be. This has to end sometime. I decided that today's show on our home turf in Askersund, organized by our own regional kennel club, was the perfect place to finish the championship. Consequently, I did everything I could to win the open class. I did win and was second in Best of Bitches, gaining the final certificate that I needed. I also hired a pro-handler for my mission. Ms Sofie Lönn (also a close friend to Paula) made me strutt my stuff just that extra much which made me a champion. Way to go Sofie and thank you for your kind help and super delicious bait.

The only bitch who beat me was April. April is my dear friend, she is already a champion so I got the certificate anyway. April went on to win Best of Breed, yeah!

A nice thing is that I won the final certificate judged by Mr. David Hull from South Africa, when my kennel name is originally a word in Africaans, a language from South Africa.

As I am now a champion, Paula and Daniel will not have to worry that I have started to blow my coat now. When I get my first litter of pups, which we have planned for late this year, my championship title will be seen in the official pedigrees of my pups. These were also things I considered, when I made my plans to win my championship today.

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