Thursday, August 07, 2008


It is ironic that the Italian top car designer Andrea Pininfarina was killed in a car accident, hit by a car while riding a scooter.

It is also ironic that the Spanish slugs, that constantly invade our property, are killed by us. This is ironic, because in Sweden these slugs also go by the name "murder slug", and we are killing them. I am not sure why they are called murder slugs; one explanation would be that they eat everything green that they come across, another would be that they eat each other. I would like it better if they only ate each other. Be that as it may, we kill these slugs by putting them in our feces container in the dog yard, which is air tight. They die from suffocation and then we throw the contents in the garbage. This may not sound like a nice way of killing the slugs, but it is effective, and after all, they are the unwanted trespassers.

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Ylva said...

Det hårda livet i hundgården, fast för sniglar med andra ord. :)
Man vill ju ha några växter kvar i trädgården så det är klart man får göra sig av med sniglarna. Det är ett problem man slipper i stan dock. :)