Friday, November 09, 2007

Snow and Extended Parliament Session

We got some snow this evening. It is not more than a centimetre, so it is not enough to play around in. Since it is so little, I think it is of no use what so ever. It might as well have come as rain, like that which fell earlier today.

In Japan, the Parliament has extended its current session by 35 days. It was supposed to end this Saturday, but will go on so that there can be a vote on a proposal to extend a Japanese refuelling mission in the Indian Ocean that helps the US troops there who wage a war against terrorists. The opposition, which has the majority in the upper house of parliament, is opposed to this mission and claims it violates the pacifistic constitution of Japan. There are two opposing interests here for me: to uphold the constitution - if it is to be interpreted in the way the opposition believes - or to help the USA to fight terrorists. I am glad the decision is not up to me.

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