Friday, November 02, 2007

Leaves and Wood

Daniel came home early today. He only worked for half a day, since it is All Saints' Day this weekend. It is fitting to remember the deceased loved ones when the nature around us is dying in the late autumn. For the first time, there is one deceased loved one that I can remember: Paula's grandfather. He held me in his hands when I was just a day old, though that is something that has been explained to me later. We will commemorate him and others this weekend.

Daniel spent the afternoon in the garden, raking leaves that had fallen from the trees. After a while, the handle of our old rake broke. He continued for a while, then he went on to chopping wood. It is nice to have a lot of chopped wood, if the winter will be cold. The wood, which comes from dead trees, will warm our bodies like the memories of our beloved ones will warm our souls.

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