Wednesday, November 21, 2007

At Paula's Grannie's

Paula, Daniel, April, and I went to Paula's grandmother Gullie today. She feels a little lonely, since she recently became a widow. She likes us dogs, but she said she is too old to be able to take care of a dog herself. Paula said that we could come to visit her often.

April, I, and the other dogs had bought a pair of socks for Gullie with toy animals' heads on them. They looked nice and were warm and comfortable. April thought they looked so much fun that she wanted to play with them, but it was not our socks anymore, so she could not. She did not quite get what it means to give something away, but maybe she learned it today. Gullie gave us some liver pate to eat, it was such a good treat that I took some of April's. That was only fair, to show her what it is like to be the victim when someone takes what is rightfully yours, just as would have been the case if April had taken Gullie's socks.

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