Saturday, August 25, 2018


Our little piece of land is bigger than most lots for small houses. We have a large area between the house and the road which we hardly ever use. Daniel mows the lawn there (unless the lawn mower is broken down, as it currently is), and we walk across it on our walks.

Daniel says this piece of land is a piece of luxury. He enjoys having it, just for the sake of owning it. Nobody else can decide what will happen there, it is for us to decide if there will be any changes. No other family will ever live between us and the road, as long as Daniel may decide.

I do think this is a luxury. If we would want to build more dog yards, we have the place to do so. This is a luxury. Perhaps we never will build more dog yards, but we could, if we would want to. This feels good.

There have been times when Paula and Daniel jave talked aboit moving to a different place. I do not thinkI want to do that. I am perfectly fine with this little piece of luxury land.

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