Saturday, August 11, 2018

Another Champion

Our Affenpinscher friend Morran became Swedish Show Champion today. I congratulated her, when she came back home.

Morran won her final CAC at our regional home turf, the annual show in Askersund. I have also won there.

There are two kinds of dogs: those who can become show champions, and those who cannot. The former kind is the better kind. A dog does not necessarily have to be champion himself or herself, but if there are loads of champions in the pedigree and among the offspring, it is good enough. (Dad was like this.) I do not know very much about Affenpinschers in general or about the pedigree of Morran. She does not have any offspring, at least not yet. Now that she is show champion herself, she has got proof that she is a dog of the better kind. This is worth celebrating.

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