Thursday, July 09, 2015

Cars Are Expensive

We have two cars, a small BMW that we usually use and a large Chrysler where more of us can travel att the same time and which we usually use to go to dog shows. We need the large car for the dog shows. Most car rental agencies would not accept that dogs travel in their vans. Going to dog shows is an essential part of our breeding. Still, it is expensive having a large car. It uses a lot of petrol, it has a high vehicle tax rate, and the service is not cheap. We had it in the garage for service today and how the money just seemed to get washed down the drain. At least, the loan that we took to be able to buy this car is paid off, so we will not have this expense every month any more. We hope it will work nicely for a long time after the service it got today. It is a nice, comfortable car, so we would like to keep it for a long time. Could we get a better, newer car without spending even more money? I would not think so. We will keep the Chrysler for a while.

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