Monday, July 13, 2015

Blowing the Coat

My body does not coöperate with my mind. It has started to blow my coat at the peak of the dog show season. How can this happen to me? Where is the justice in this? There are so many Shibas who are not fond of going to dog shows, many of whom live with me. They may blow their coats in the middle of the season. I, however, love to go to dog shows, and still my body starts to blow my coat. Sometimes, life is unfair.

Today was the last day for entries to the Askersund dog show. This is the annual official dog ahow arranged by our regional kennel club, so it is home turf for us. Since I have started to blow my coat, I could not be entered. Daniel entered Orange instead. She is up for a treat. I envy her, but I will also give her advice, as she will be the one flying the flag of Aangenaam Shibas.

Good luck in Askersund, Orange!

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