Monday, August 26, 2013

Wolf Policy

The national committee on sustainable predator policy for wolves handed over its final report to the cabinet last Friday. It was on Paula's birthday, which was fitting.

There is a summary in English in the beginning of the report. An even shorter summary is the list of proposed measures, as written like this:

The Report's proposal for measures can be summarised as follows:
- clarification of the policy direction and purpose of the predator policy
- development of comprehensive wildlife management legislation
- creation of conditions for adaptive management
- simplification of the culling process
- increased compensation for damages caused by predators
- further development of damage-preventing measures
- concrete definition of the management plan for wolves
- decision for an action plan for genetic reinforcement of the wolf population
- curb on illegal hunting
- introduction of opportunities for licenced hunting of wolves, when favorable conservation status is achieved
- allocation of sufficient resources to the responsible authorities
- conduct of socio-economic analysis related to predator presence
- establishment of a permanent wolf committee

I believe there are some great proposals here, not least the establishment of a permanent committee. If I could, I would like to be a member of that committee, but I do not think they will appoint any dogs, regardless of my experience of breeding. Hopefully, at least one experienced dog breeder will be on the committee, knowledge from breeding dogs must be valuable when it comes to preserving the wild breed of the canine species. i do not like licence hunting, but believe it is better than the illegal hunting that would certainly be the result if all the hunting of wolves would be outlawed. I will follow up what happens and I might write more about it in my blog later.

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