Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Upholding a Contract

A cat breeder in Sweden had put her male cat with another family, who could care for him as their own family member. However, this came with a contract stipulating that the cat would be surrendered to the breeder for breeding. When the family with whom the cat lived did not want to provide the cat, the breeder asked the authorities for help. She got the help she needed, the authorities will get the cat, thus making sure the contract is honoured.

This is a good move by the authorities. Contracts must be honoured. If a contracting party does not honour his or her obligations under a contract, the authorities should use its power to help the other contracting party. If you have a contract, you want this, or the contract is of no value whatsoever.

The principle is the same with similar contracts on dogs. I hope no dog breeder will ever have to use the authorities in this way, but if they do, I am all for it.

As Daniel quoted in latin: pacta sunt servanda. Contracts must be upheld.

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