Monday, August 01, 2011

We Do Not Live in Italy

Hello, Karstuhl here!

At the dog shows this weekend, we had some trouble getting hold of number tags for the Saturday show. They had never reached us by mail. We did get new number tags at the show site, but nobody could explain what had happened to the original number tags. Today, the riddle was solved. The number tags arrived by mail, and we could see that the lower line of the address said "Italien". This is Swedish for Italy. The letter had probably travelled all the way to Italy, where the country name had been crossed out, and then been returned to Sweden and finally found its way to us. We do not live in Italy. Our Japanese friends who are part owners of the dogs shown on Saturday do not live in Italy either. We have no idea why the name Italy was put at the end of the address, but it does explain why the letter was late in the mail. It gives us something interesting to talk about, anyway.

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