Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turning off the TV

Daniel started to watch a movie on TV this evening. Daniel turned it off half way, though. He says he does not like movies where the hero is unfaithful, which he was in this movie.

I do not think I have the same morals as Daniel has, I have had different fathers to different puppy litters of mine. I guess it is different with humans than with dogs. Among humans, the fathers always participate in the upbringing from the start to the end, whereas among dogs, they mostly do not. We are different species, I guess that amount to a lot.

Well, I did not enjoy the movie anyway. It had no dogs in any leading roles, nor did I see any dog at all in the movie. I do not have to see dogs in a movie to enjoy it, but it helps. This movie was not very interesting anyway.

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