Monday, May 02, 2011

Is there a Future?

The Swedish car manufacturer Saab has secured a short term loan, which will ensure that they can restart the production of cars. It still seems, however, like a risky company. It has not made profit for many years, not even in a growing world economy like now. This is rather strange, considering that they make really good cars, as far as I know. Well, humans are not always interested in purchasing the best products - if they were, there would be many more humans getting Shiba Inus when getting dogs.

Some people say Saab has a home market that is too small. This is also a strange statement, now that the whole European Union is supposed to be a single market and thus Saab's home market. I also wonder why the home market would have to be so important for a car manufacturer. Sure, if you work for a car manufacturer, you would want to have such a car, but what other point is there for buying a car just because it is from your own country?

No matter what the real reasons are, Saab seem to be a company in constant trouble. Some people believe in it, but many obviously do not. I wonder whether there is a future for Saab. I hope so, since their cars are supposed to be great.

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