Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I had to wait for a while before writing this blog entry. We installed a new version of a picture editing software, and it took some time. I never use such software, I just type away in text. Paula uses it quite often, though, when updating our web page ( She makes a great job at it, too. I am not sure it made any difference that I had to wait, I did not really have any great plans on what to write in my blog today.

There is one thing I would like to tell you, though. It is about my Dad, the great male dog in my life. He must have been hurt while digging in our yard, digging is something he likes to do from time to time. Perhaps his claw was caught in a root or something, nevertheless, it was broken almost straight off. It must have hurt, because Dad limped, but true to his Shiba Inu pride, he never complained. Paula took him to the veterinarian yesterday, who took the damaged claw away. Today, Dad acts as if nothing has ever happened. He runs, climbs, and eats treats like always before. He is my hero. A small injury like that is nothing to my Dad.

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