Monday, September 07, 2009

My PERFECT daughter Meja!

"Well developed female puppy. Nice head and expression. Correct bite. Enough angulation. Moves firmly and well from all angulations. Nice coat"

It seems that Meja meet up the standard of her champion parents. She will for sure be something to count on in the show rings.

May I say that both Paula and Daniel are very very proud over sweet Meja? We all send all of our love to Meja and my brother Kiko with family. They are so sweet and take such good care of their Aangenaam shibas.

I think that Kiko has fostered my girl Meja well. As an uncle he take his responsibility as my brother and Mejas "brother" to learn her about life. Thank you Kiko!

Me and my mum Karin in the ring.

My brother Kiko and me.


Ylva said...

Grattis. Vad roligt att få så fin kritik på sin uppfödning. Men med en så tjusig mamma är det väl inte konstigt? ;)

Daily Hailey said...

Tack, tack!