Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spending Time with the Others

I love Fuji and Bagus, my dear pups, and I spend most of my time with them. Once in a while, though, it gets a bit tiresome not to interact with anybody else. Over the last days, I have therefore started to leave my pups for other reasons than just to go outdoors for a short while. I have spent longer periods of time with the other dogs in the other rooms of our house. This is also good for Fuji and Bagus, they need to learn that I am not always around. After a while, I am eager to go back to my pups again, and I believe I take better care of them when I return than I would have done, had I just stayed by them. The other dogs are now allowed by me to greet the pups. They seem to enjoy it, all of them.

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