Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Our ordinary computer is on repair. It turns itself off spontaneously, of course it is not supposed to do that. Paula and Daniel brought out an old computer to use until we have the ordinary one back. This older computer is a bit slower than the one we are now used to. However, it was the computer upon which I started to write my blog a long time ago. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic using this computer. However, I want our ordinary computer back as soon as possible. A computer that you use a lot becomes almost like a friend, you get to know the special features of that particular computer. While it is nice to get to know our old computer again, it is not like our ordinary computer. We all hope the repair will be done quickly.

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Ylva & Grus said...

Det är hopplöst med icke fungerande datorer. Hoppas den kommer tillbaka snart.
Jag har inte heller ngn som fungerar ordentligt för tillfället. Det är jobbigt begränsande.