Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Important Reminder

Dog owners must be aware that they should not leave their dog tied outside a store, when going inside to shop. The dog may be kidnapped. This is not only true for dogs, but also for children. A woman in Latvia left her infant child outside a store sixteen years ago, he was kidnapped, and has only just been found by the police. Imagine if this boy would have been a puppy. Most dogs do not live to see their sixteenth birthday. Whereas the boy is still young, a dog in this situation would probably not be alive any longer and the case might never have been solved. I am glad Paula and Daniel would never consider tying me outside a store and leave me there.

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Ylva said...

Sant. Jag skulle aldrig komma på tanken att binda Grus obevakad utanför en affär heller. Blotta tanken på vad som skulle kunna hända är avskräckande nog. :|