Tuesday, March 04, 2008

An Evil US Marine

The US Military is a good force in the world, promoting freedom and human rights. This is what my American Mum has taught me. She should know, not least because Art, the man in the family where she lived in the USA, has been in the US Military. There are, however, evil individuals in even the most good natured organisation. In a short film posted on the Internet, a smiling US Marine soldier throws a little pup down a ravine. The Military will now investigate the film. If the film is for real, the pup falls to a certain death and the soldier should be held responsible for cruelty to animals.

I am really upset with this. Sure, there are evil people everywhere, but they do not belong in an organisation that I have always seen as a defender of what is good. In my mind, that soldier should be thrown down that ravine himself. Even if the film is not true, it shows a man with an evil heart - or perhaps a really good actor (but I believe the former). You cannot be a good human and be cruel to puppies.

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