Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wolves No Longer Endangered

Wolves have always been dear to me. Not that I would like to meet wolves, they may very well be dangerous to a little dog like me. All dogs in the world are decendants of wolves, though, and we are still the same species. The USA is also dear to me, since my Mum and my dear friends April and Calvin are from the USA. In the USA, the grey wolf of the Northern Rocky Mountain is no longer an endangered species. It has been removed from that list, since there are so many of them now. The human authorities have made a terrific job of protecting the wolves from their only natural enemy: the human.

This is great news, but for one thing. The removal from that list means that humans are not forbidden to hunt the wolves anymore. Of course, wise humans would never hunt such a magnificent fellow carnivore as the wolf. Unfortunately, there are too many humans who are not wise. I hope we will not have to see the grey wolf on the list of endangered species ever again.

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