Saturday, February 23, 2008


Paula's sister Mia with boyfriend Emil was here this afternoon. The humans had pizza, but none was given to us dogs. Nevertheless, it was fun seeing Mia and Emil. This was the first time Mia and Emil saw our newest addition to the dog pack, Calvin. They liked him every bit as much as anybody else does.

On a side note, the little island Sark in the English Channel, which is a dependency of the Queen of the United Kingdom but rules itself, has turned from an old feudal form of government to a modern democracy. People in general think this is great. I do believe democracy is good. However, I do not have that much interest in what way the humans chose to rule themselves, as long as they take good care of their dogs. In the ancient, feudal Japan, the samurajs and the Emperors revered Shiba Inus. This is proof of a good form of government by my standards.

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