Sunday, January 22, 2006

It Is Getting Cold Outside.

I followed my friend Kesshi on an evening walk. Paula had to carry me for a while. I got cramp in my paws. That's how cold it is outside.

Otherwise it was a happy Sunday at home. Paula, Dan and Paula's sister Mia ate pig filet and potatoes baked in the owen. Mmmm food for a true shiba. Kesshi, daddy, mummy, auntie Linni and myself go some filet too. It was a good way to end a perfect weekend with.

I was looking forward to see a show on TV called "The Vets". I hoped to see some injured domestic pets but this Sunday, the show was all about animals at Zoo. Boring! I took a nap on Paulas chest instead. Much more cosy way to spend quality time together. Paula is so happy with me though I am the first shiba ever in her care that LOVES to sleep together with her. I love to please her and I also like to cuddle with her and Dan. I am the most perfect shiba pup in the world.

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