Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Splendid Isolation?

British Prime Minister Theresa May has now formally signed the bill triggering Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union. The United Kingdom will leave the EU.

I cannot say I am surprised. It follows the outcome of the referendum last summer, even though there was a small margin. It also follows the British tradition of "splendid isolation". The Brits believe they are better of alone. They do the same in the dog world, where the Kennel Club in the UK is not a member of the International Kennel Federation FCI.

Let me just say, I doubt this isolation will be very splendid. Free trade, which is the main goal of the EU, is a positive thing. I believe the British exit will be negative both for the UK and for the remaining countries of the EU.

On the other paw, who am I to tell? I am just a dog. British dogs were not allowed to vote in the referendum. It might be that the exit will have beneficial consequences. We will have to see.

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