Thursday, December 29, 2016


Paula watched an episode of a TV show this weekend. In it, one of the human characters had lost her dog. Another character asked if she would not get a new dog, but she said no. She said she could not do this to the memory of her lost dog, and that her lost dog was so good, she could not imagine getting a new dog as good. I found this strange. Every dog is an individual. You cannot compare dogs and say that one is much better than the other, because what is better in one dog, is weighed up by things that is better in another dog. It is just like humans. Basicly, every human is equal, and every dog is equal. Thus, if you lose a dog, you can get another dog, who is just as good as the former, but in other aspects. If you lose a dog, just get yourself another. Any life is better with any dog.

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